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The Janga Lab of Genomics and Systems Biology develops computational approaches to mine complex and heterogeneous data sources publicly available in biomedical sciences, with the goal of understanding how the regulation, structure and dynamics of biological systems shape the phenotypic landscape of an organism and its relevance to disease conditions. Should you be interested in applying for one of the below posted positions or areas of research to work in my laboratory, please follow the guidelines for sending your application.

Open Positions

Postdoctoral Fellows

Multiple postdoctoral fellowship positions are immediately available in the laboratory. I expect postdocs to develop and lead projects and also help supervise junior members of the laboratory. You can find descriptions of the available positions here. Interested candidates should send a copy of their CV and three references to

PhD Students

I will be routinely recruiting PhD students through the Bioinformatics PhD program from the School of Informatics at Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). You can find an overview of the structure of this program from the School’s website. It is also possible to accept students through other programs in the Schools of Informatics and Medicine at Indiana University to which the Lab is affiliated with. Interested students are encouraged to send informal inquires regarding their eligibility and possibilities for applying to other PhD programs at Indiana University. Please make sure to include your CV and a one page description of what you would like to work on if you are expecting a response. If you still don’t hear from me it simply means we don’t have any open positions for this year.

Masters Students

My laboratory routinely accepts Masters students enrolled through the Bioinformatics Masters program at the School of Informatics, Indiana University Purdue University Indianapolis (IUPUI). I typically accept two students per year to work on a Masters thesis in my laboratory. Please note that successful thesis work involves completion of the project assigned to them. Interested students should have taken one of my courses taught at the School and are expected to be highly motivated, as thesis work can be a demanding exercise. If you wish to be considered (although you have not taken any of my taught courses) please make sure to include your CV and a one page description of what you would like to work on.

Internships/Visiting Scholars

We frequently host interns and visiting scholars who are interested in spending at least a year in the laboratory to work on their Masters thesis project or equivalent. If you are driven and have the experience (at least basic) in programming with in the context of computational biology, you are welcome to inquire about oppurtunities for internships. Interested candidates are encouraged to send an email along with their CV with the email subject ‘Internship’. Please make sure to mention the exact duration you are interested in spending in my laboratory, along with two letters of reference in support of your application.


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